How does a hearing test work?

SoundScape Hearing Aid Experts, in Southern Oregon, can test your hearing and provide the lowest pricing for top-brand hearing aids.  But how does a hearing test work?

There is no need to dread a hearing test.  It is a simple test that involves equipment and a set of head phones to determine what you can and can not hear.  It is non-invasive and the staff at SoundScape is polite and easy to work with.

There are several steps to a hearing test, and you might receive one or more of these. An audiologist might examine your ear canal and eardrum with a special tool, just to spot any visible issues. Next, your hearing will be tested.

For a pure-tone test, you will be given a pair of headphones. This test will gauge your ability to hear pure tones. The sounds will be played for you, and the test will determine how well you can hear them. The speech test is similar, only you will be played a number of speech-sounds. Then, you will be asked to repeat what has been said.

Usually, this is done with a series of consonant sounds. An inability to hear consonant sounds is a sign that someone is hard of hearing. If your hearing problems are linked to hearing loss, you might be unable to understand certain sounds. However, some people have issues understanding speech and don’t suffer from hearing loss at all. This test can help differentiate between the two groups.

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