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Better hearing and a better quality of life can be yours for many years with the help of the right hearing professional. At SoundScape Hearing Aids, we pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our patients. Relationships based on unsurpassed personal service that begins the first time you walk through our doors and continues long after your initial appointment.

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Nathan Willard

Nathan Willard founded SoundScape Hearing Aids in 2011 in order to serve his clients in a new and better way, instead of operating the way it’s always been done. He understands that no one really wants hearing aids – they want to hear – and he loves to help people connect with others.

Before becoming a Hearing Aid Specialist Nathan graduated from seminary and served in the U.S. Air Force in Minot, ND. He has been involved with acoustics, sound equipment, electronics, computers, and the manipulation of sound since college; as a musician, sound technician, and movie maker.

Nathan has served in various ministry roles since his teens, which means he has practice listening to people and has a strong desire to help others. He spends most of his free time making movies and spending time with his family, often doing both together as his children love making videos with him.

Nathan has been a Hearing Aid Specialist for 8 years and in that time he’s worked with all major hearing aid brands, something that has been essential as SoundScape fits refurbished hearing aids for the Southern Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Center. He also regularly attends various manufacturers’ training seminars so he can stay up-to-date on fitting the newest and most innovative technology available.

Jay Skudlarek

While working in Occupational Medicine and conducting OSHA hearing screenings for employees working in noisy environments, Jay became interested in the intricate human hearing system. As a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist, Jay elected to further his training in the field and became licensed as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Previous medical training, including a current license in Radiology, allow Jay to have a unique and thorough understanding of patients experiencing hearing loss. His sincere desire to help those with hearing loss understand their condition and the options available to them, provide the drive and reward Jay enjoys each day working with Soundscape Hearing.

Jay is a long time Rogue Valley resident with a deep and varied background in Horticulture and Agriculture. He enjoys working with the land and at home, tends a large organic garden and small organic orchard. Jay and his wife of 38 years, enjoy working together with their two Sons on gardening projects, passing the joy and experience of working with the land on to them.

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